An oasis of tranquility.

The studio is a place of deep inquiry into consiousness.  It is a living meditative soundscape, with birds and wildlife abound, a babbling water feature and the faint rustle of the bamboo in the breeze. At the entrance is a set of magnificent chimes which sound to signal the beginning and end of meditation group starting at 7pm.

It is my private meditation and yoga space and is available for one on one and small group sessions, as well serving as the venue for Monday night meditation group.


It has a peaceful, nurturing, meditative atmosphere. It is a unique, high vibrational space, perfect for deep reflection and a sense of grounding, as well as a place where ideas are bountiful, and the answer to a question is never far away.

It has a carefully curated library of crystal and mineral samples to remind us that we are all made of this earth, that we will return to it, and that energy cannot be destroyed, simply rearranged.


Drums, handpans and singing bowls support a program of communal meditation, where anyone who is a practitioner can lead us all in a meditation of their own, or offer a demonstration of a technique they are working with, or simply to share insight or wisdom.

kahuna massage swap_02.jpg


The studio has always been my favorite space. It is a functioning art studio, yoga, meditation and massage space, sound recording studio, and handpan workshop.

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