Facilitating mindfulness, meditation and yoga in a relaxed, friendly environment


Life is full of challenges
Mental - Physical - Physiological

Access to the right tools can help us achieve our goals in the face of these challenges

Life can also be fun
Focused - Energetic - Connected

Let me share some of the techniques that i've learned



Develop practices that can help achieve deep states of relaxation, mindfulness, creative visualisation, intense focus, meditation and connection. 

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Yoga is the stilling of the fluctuations of the mind,
achieved through the stilling of the fluctuations of the breath,
in order to realise that
individual consciousness is one with universal consciousness.
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Sound Journeys

Experience the profoundly transformative healing power of harmonic resonance and vibration through sound.
Using ancient and modern musical instruments including Handpan, Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls and Didgeridoo to effortlessly connect with your body and facilitate deep states of relaxation in which powerful insights and emotional/energetic integration can occur.

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Bevan led us through a unique sound meditation using Tibetan singing bowls that transported me energetically and left me feeling a deep sense of calm.
— Attendee - weekly meditation group