Having a structure that calls me to meditate has been a key factor in maintaining my ongoing practice.
— Bevan

Regular personal practice is often difficult to maintain due to the demands of modern life. That is why a regular meditation group can really help us to stay on the path, and to ensure that we keep moving once we're on it.  It's also a great way to meet like minded people.

Welcome to the eastern suburbs meditation group

Each week the group explores deeply transformative states of consciousness through various meditation and mindfulness practices.  It's a diverse community, with a warm and open energy.  The group also offers the floor to attending practitioners who wish to lead a meditation or sound experience or to share a particular technique that they are currently working with.

The group meets in the studio Monday nights from 7pm to 9pm. Some of the techniques we explore are listed below.



  • Guided visualisation
  • Mindfulness
  • Metta - universal compassion
  • Indra's net - connectedness


7:00pm - greetings and introduction
7:15pm - short meditation
7:30pm - share your experience (optional)
8:00pm - main meditation
8:45pm - share your experience (optional)
900pm - farewell


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  • Guided ancestry meditation
  • Guided sound vibration meditation
  • Tribal drumming circle
  • Yoga nidra - body awareness