If my journey of self discovery can in any way inform yours, then I’d love to connect with you and share what I’ve learned.
— Bevan



Born in New Zealand, Bevan moved to Australia in 1996 . He first discovered meditation in 2000, and began a regular yoga practice in 2011.

Bevan's background of 18 years in 3D animation for film and television (in which he holds a masters degree) meant long hours sitting at a desk and he has a unique perspective on working with people in high stress, desk based office environments and the health challenges that these careers can present, both physically and physiologically.


qualifications and certifications

RYT300 Yoga synergy, Bali

Continuing my Yoga Synergy journey with this qualification has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and in the process of gaining this level of mastery I really got the impact that nutrition has on our physiology, and in turn our lived experience. This training also reiterated for me the importance of approaching yoga not just as a form of exercise, but as a state of mind achieved through mastery of the body, which can literally be applied to any activity or situation in life.

RYT200 Yoga synergy, Sydney

Yoga Synergy is the most authentic and intelligent system of modern yoga I've found. It is a beautiful adaptation of traditional lineages for the modern Western body. The creators studied with both Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois, and then both went on to become physiotherapists and developed an award winning university level course on yoga anatomy for RMIT. From them I learned yoga anatomy, physiology, asana, and basic therapeutic application. I also learned how to pass it on.

My teachers are Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss

120 HR yoga synergy online training - Yoga fundamentals

This brilliant online course outlines the basics of yoga in terms of both the traditional eastern lineages and how it translates to modern science. Truly enlightening for anyone trying to understand the ancient art of yoga and its application in the modern world.

120 HR yoga synergy online training - Anatomy and physiology

Anatomy is complicated and trying to grasp it in enough detail to avoid injuring yourself or others can be a real challenge for yoga teachers. This course outlines the practical application of anatomy and physiology to yoga in terms of modern western science. I learned several key things in this training that are absolutely vital to a safe and effective yoga practice that are just not taught in some teacher training, and definitely not available in a drop in yoga class. Mindbogglingly difficult, but totally necessary.

Courses designed by Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss

RYT200 Yoga Garden, San Fransicso

I lived in San Francisco for 6 months, where I completed my first yoga teacher training, just to advance my personal practice. There I learned modern Western yoga - Hatha vinyasa flow. A bit of everything. What I got was a really great overview of yoga and it developed in me a keen interest in the history and philosophy of the practice. It inspired me to go deeper.

My teachers are Jean Mazzei, Karen Macklin, Sean Feit, Cora Wen, Sonya Genel, Jen Hecht, Dustin McAllister, David Nelson and Jonathan Isaacs

Group meditation Leader certificate, The awareness institute

The power of meditation is great, but the power of group meditation is greater. I learned a wide variety of meditation techniques and their application in various therapeutic and institutional settings. I learned how to facilitate a group of people with varying levels of experience in meditation, and gained valuable experience in leading people deep into meditative states. I also met a really great group of like minded people to share the journey with.

My teacher is Louise Gilmore

Hawaiian Ka Huna massage level 1 &2

The breath flows in Hawaiian Ka Huna temple massage. I had my first Hawaiian massage in 2008 and instantly knew that I needed to learn it. It was the best massage I've ever had, and I was completely transported on the table. The intensive weekend is amazing and utterly transformative, breaking down barriers of identity and ego in a completely safe and nurturing environment with expert facilitators (and amazing food!) If Ka huna is the yang discipline, then its companion Lomi Lomi is the yin.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage level 1 (30HR) certificate

Master of Animation, university of technology sydney

I list this qualification here because my investigation into movement and anatomy really began with my art. As an animator, I've always been studying bio mechanics, joint articulation, musculature, and the natural beauty of living forms. Many hours of life drawing and hundreds of hours of sketching and sculpting has given me many useful skills with which to communicate what I've learned.

St Johns Ambulance first aid Certificate