Meditation for me is the practice of intentional direction of consciousness.
— Bevan

Many people experience difficulty in sitting down and trying to meditate. They feel like it's too hard, or their thoughts are too busy, and are left feeling like it's just not for them.

The truth is that you step into meditative states all the time without even realising it

When we go for a walk, have a daydream, play music or get in the zone doing something creative, or even just a mindless task like the vacuuming or dishes, we are meditating.

The practice of mediation is training ourselves over time to become proficient in achieving and maintaining these states of consciousness. Once mastered, our minds can be directed toward intense focus on an object or it can be directed toward a state of expansive consciousness, free of mental activity. 

I have found meditation to be particularly useful for managing stress and promoting a sense of wellbeing

It can also reduce heart and breath rates, improve ability to focus, reduce anxiety, reduce reactivity to emotional triggers, improve the quality of sleep and increase a sense of connection in relationships.

Weekly meditation group

Practicing as part of our regular meditation group can be a powerful structure to keep you on track.  For more information or to register your interest, click here.